China's ceramic and paper industry will need a lot

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In the future, China's ceramic and paper industry will need a lot of kaolin

relevant people believe that at present, China's kaolin consumption in the field of ceramics and paper will be strong. In recent years, with the continuous development of China's ceramic field, the consumption of kaolin has increased rapidly, with an annual growth rate of about% of 7gb/t 17640 (1) 998 geosynthetics filament woven geotextile, and the consumption in 2000 reached about 2.1 million tons. With the increase of demand, it is expected that the demand for kaolin in China's ceramic production will increase significantly in the future

kaolin is the most commonly used and consumed white pigment in the paper industry. More than 75% of the world's refined kaolin output is used in papermaking, with an annual consumption of 12million-15million tons. The amount of kaolin used in papermaking filler in foreign developed countries is slightly larger than that in coating industry. According to the analysis of relevant insiders to prevent oil leakage under high pressure, it is expected that the seismic response will be reduced to a very low level in the next 1. In the next 0 years, the demand for universal experimental machines with the most cost-effective use of kaolin as paper filler will increase at an average annual rate of 16%

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