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China will vigorously develop seven major industries such as new energy

transforming the mode of economic development is inevitable! Industrial restructuring is mainly manifested in two aspects: first, incremental reform - the development of emerging industries; Second, the stock integration -- the reorganization and upgrading of traditional industries. The government will vigorously develop seven industries

these seven industries include new energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, electric vehicles, new materials, medicine, biological breeding and information communication, which are the seven industries supported by the government

new energy industry

third generation CPV technology battery industry in solar energy industry, offshore power generation direction and control system manufacturing industry in wind energy industry; Key equipment manufacturing industries in the nuclear energy industry, such as steam generators, steam turbines, generators, safety injection boxes, regulators, and enterprises that have obtained safety certification; The conversion of non important agricultural products such as cassava, dried sweet potato, aged grain and jatropha into biofuels in the bioenergy industry is more likely to obtain government approval

energy conservation and environmental protection

"energy conservation and emission reduction" is not only a buzzword in today's society, but also a strategic choice related to the future of mankind. It is of great significance to enhance the awareness of "energy conservation and emission reduction", make simple changes to their lifestyle or consumption habits, and work together to reduce global greenhouse gas (mainly carbon dioxide) emissions. Pursuing a healthy life requires not only "low fat", "low salt", "low sugar", but also "low carbon"! "Low carbon life" is energy-saving and environmental protection, which is conducive to slowing down the pace of global climate warming and environmental degradation, and it is imperative. It is the duty of every citizen to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and choose a "low-carbon life"

electric vehicle

electric vehicle is a new energy application field supported by the state. The core system manufacturing link in the industrial chain has the most investment value, but the technical difficulty is the greatest. It is easier for Chinese enterprises to enter the sub industries of mineral resources such as charging stations, power batteries, battery materials, lithium and rubidium iron boron, so these sub industries have more realistic investment value

new materials

compared with the new energy industry, the business prospect of improving energy efficiency is more clear. The sub industries worthy of investment include: chip production and epitaxial chip manufacturing in LED energy-saving lighting; Smart electricity industry segments; Industries that adopt IGSS technology and industries that master CCS technology in clean coal


the main contents of biotechnology can be artificially aged the samples as needed (the samples that need to be straightened should be artificially aged after straightening), including genetic engineering, cell engineering, fermentation engineering, enzyme engineering, biochip technology, gene sequencing technology, tissue engineering technology, bioinformation technology, etc. Biotechnology industry involves many fields, such as medicine, agriculture, ocean, environment, energy, chemical industry and so on. Applying biotechnology to produce corresponding commodities in our lives, such commodities can form an industry only after they form a certain scale in the market. Therefore, the connotation of biotechnology industry should include biotechnology product development, large-scale production and circulation services

biological breeding

definition of biological breeding biological technology for cultivating excellent organisms. It includes mutation breeding, cross breeding, haploid breeding, polyploid breeding and cell engineering breeding. Cell engineering breeding refers to the method of obtaining hybrid cells by cell fusion, using the totipotency of cells, and cultivating hybrid plants by tissue culture

information and communication

the information industry focuses on supporting the development of IOT industry. The links with investment value include: chip technology providers, system integrators, software and application developers, network providers, operators and service providers. In the biological breeding and pharmaceutical industry, breeding, green fertilizer and green pesticide manufacturing, innovative drugs and medical equipment manufacturing

the development foundation of the new consumer industry driven by market forces is more stable and sustainable: combine with information technology to create new forms of consumer goods to replace the traditional forms of consumer goods manufacturing; E-commerce stations that can reconstruct the connection between consumers and commodities, reduce consumers' search costs, and meet consumers' special and diversified clamping requirements; The new money and goods payment industry and network transaction security industry derived from this

stock integration -- the restructuring and upgrading of traditional industries are mainly carried out in three aspects: the focus of the structural adjustment of upstream industries is to integrate to form scale advantages and grasp the pricing power of resource products. It is worth paying attention to: the integration of coal enterprises in Henan and other places, the integration of non-ferrous metal industries represented by rare earth, gold and other rare metals, and the integration of non-metallic mining and beneficiation industry; The midstream manufacturing industry focuses on technological innovation and industrial upgrading. Industries worthy of investment include: manufacturing industries with a short history of development and a relatively small gap abroad, such as communication equipment, computer and other electronic equipment manufacturing; Do you know the details of high localization requirements, such as power equipment manufacturing industry, railway equipment manufacturing industry and developing experimental power? Large aircraft manufacturing; Downstream industry integration focuses on brand building and terminal channel control. Industries worthy of investment include: pharmaceutical manufacturing industry with improved benefit and demand level, medium and high-end consumer goods manufacturing industry, such as high-end automobile, high-end clothing and high-end jewelry and cosmetics manufacturing industry; Baijiu manufacturing, traditional Chinese medicine manufacturing and food manufacturing with strong brand advantages

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