Hot metal thermometer wireless thermometer series

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Molten iron thermometer, molten iron thermometer, wireless thermometer series products

portable thermometer tm-2000 "br"

adopts portable wireless design, continuously and automatically grasp the highest temperature, and quickly measure the highest sales of molten steel, molten iron and non-ferrous metal solutions in a single month in the history of China's excavation machine industry. (2) because the jaws of the material testing machine often use temperature, the display is integrated with the body, and it can be used for one month after charging. Portable temperature measurement is economical and portable, especially suitable for liquid metal temperature measurement of small and medium-sized smelting furnaces and ladle. The light metal shell with humanized design is easier to operate and carry. In addition, its high-strength structure is especially convenient for operation, and it is also suitable for harsh on-site working conditions. Br

temperature measurement range, temperature measurement error ≤ 2 degrees. 《br》

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