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The hot sale of "Guwang" dryer reflects the connotation development of Chery heavy industry

the hot sale of "Guwang" dryer reflects the connotation development of Chery heavy industry

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recently, 110 "Guwang" dryers were officially delivered to Anhui users at Chery heavy industry's 2014 dryer business Anhui mid year business conference, marking that Chery heavy industry's dryer products exceeded 300 in a single month in July, setting a new record for the enterprise. In the first half of this year, "Guwang" brand relied on its product technology advantages and was deeply trusted by users, making the pendulum impact sample of impact testing machine a hot market. Among them, the sales volume of dryer products exceeded 1000, continuing to lead the market

Zhang Xiancai, President of Wuhu brother grain and oil professional cooperative, has been associated with Chery heavy industry for a long time. Zhangjia 3 brothers are a large local grain grower and agricultural machinery manufacturer, and have purchased more than 10 "gengwang" tractors, "Guwang" harvesters and other Chery heavy industry agricultural machinery products. In the development of large-scale agricultural operation, brother Zhang Xiancai found that with the change of rural labor structure, affected by weather, natural disasters and other factors, the traditional manual drying of grain has been unable to ensure the safety and high-quality warehousing of grain. This year, he invested 3million yuan to buy 15 "Guwang" dryers, and with the support and help of Chery heavy industry service personnel, he built a grain drying center, which can dry 450 tons of all kinds of grain every day, and the daily income can reach 10000 yuan. "At present, it is the rice harvest season. If you use manual drying of rice, on the premise of sunny weather, you need to ask at least two workers to turn and dry 10 tons of grain for at least twoorthree days, and the cost is 8900 yuan. If you transport it to Chery heavy industry grain drying center, 10 tons of grain only need to be processed for fiveorsix hours, even if you add the labor cost, it is only about 400 yuan, and the greater the drying amount, the more obvious the cost-effectiveness will be." Zhang Xiancai said that before purchasing grain drying equipment, he inspected the surrounding markets and finally chose the "old acquaintance" - Chery heavy industry "Guwang" brand after considering factors such as product quality and service

it is understood that Chery heavy industry dryer division is located in Wuhu, Anhui Province, and is responsible for the R & D, manufacturing and sales of grain drying equipment. Among them, the manufacturing unit has six operations: blanking, CNC metal processing, welding, spraying, assembly and packaging, which fully demonstrates its good utilization value center in the field of flexible and wearable electronic equipment, as well as the new product trial production line. At present, Chery heavy industry is committed to building a leading brand of grain drying equipment through connotation development and management upgrading

through the hot market and record breaking sales of "Guwang" dryer, it can be seen that this is the concentrated embodiment of Chery heavy industry's "Guwang" connotation development and brand value improvement: in addition to optimizing industrial layout, improving R & D capacity, and using advanced technology to create a series of dryer products with first-class quality, Chery heavy industry also focuses on the main production areas of rice crops, taking into account the main production areas of wheat, corn and other crops, and adjusting measures to local conditions Carefully develop the dryer business market and serve farmers all over the country. In the future, Chery heavy industry will also develop small, medium and large-scale drying demonstration centers according to the demand characteristics of different regions, promote and improve the development mode of standardized drying demonstration projects, and provide customers with referential and reliable grain drying demonstration experience

"'guwang 'dryer is selling well, which is also inseparable from our one-stop service. We plan to build 100 drying demonstration centers in major grain producing areas across the country that affect the stable supply of products with a processing capacity of more than 500 tons per day. At present, we have built more than 20." The relevant person in charge of Chery heavy industry dryer business department said. He told the author that the large-scale drying demonstration center has the characteristics of wide cultivated land area, high efficiency and low production cost. At the same time, Chery heavy industries' dryer business adopts a matrix management mode to promote the integration of sales and installation services

in the context of the national "No.1 strategy for harmful materials of interior wall coatings" to ensure food security, Chery heavy industry has rapidly expanded the dryer Market through connotation development, accelerated product upgrading and service innovation, and led the industry to accelerate the transformation and upgrading while promoting the full mechanized development of grain production

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