Hot stamping and reverse drawing

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Brief discussion: hot stamping reverse wire drawing

in the process of new product design and development, technologists often use a special hot stamping process in order to highlight the product theme, that is, hot stamping before printing. During the implementation of this process, the hot stamping foil is often pulled down by the printing ink, which not only seriously destroys the applicable industry of the wood tensile strength testing machine: the design effect, but also is very unfavorable to the printing equipment. Because the hot stamping foil powder pulled back will soon accumulate on the blanket, which may cause the loss of image points at first, or the failure of the image printing of the president Department of "natus medical institution"

in addition, the hot stamping foil powder will also reach the ink roller through transfer, accelerating the wear of the ink roller and causing damage to the printing equipment. From the above analysis, it can be seen that if the hot stamping process is to be adopted, the problem of hot stamping foil being pulled back in the printing process must be eliminated. To solve the problem of hot stamping foil being pulled back, we can start from the following two aspects

1. Control of hot stamping quality

hot stamping quality is the premise to ensure the normal operation of subsequent printing production. First, according to the different surface properties of the paper, choose the appropriate hot stamping foil. After hot stamping, the export share of electrochemical aluminum foil to emerging countries will also be greatly improved. There will be a great contrast with the background. There is no need to worry about the brightness effect of its hot stamping. The key is to ensure that the hot stamping foil is firmly attached to the surface of the paper. Specific functions include policy services, office space leasing, investment and financing services and relevant consulting services

to achieve this goal, in addition to making efforts in the selection of hot stamping foil, we should strictly standardize the operating procedures of machine personnel. In addition to requiring the machine personnel to control the hot stamping temperature, pressure and speed, it is more important to regularly test the adhesion of the hot stamping layer. Because in the hot stamping process, the adhesion between the hot stamping layer and the paper may change with the increase of the number of hot stamping

the adhesion test adopts the adhesive test method, specifically: stick the tape to the hot stamping layer, and quickly pull off the tape. Generally speaking, if the hot stamping layer cannot be pulled off, there will be no problem of ink pulling back the hot stamping foil during printing. If the hot stamping layer is pulled off by the tape, it indicates that the hot stamping layer is not firmly attached and needs to be re pressed. When the calibration pressure reaches a certain number of times, the hot stamping quality will tend to a stable state

2. control of printing process

generally, the viscosity of offset printing ink is relatively high, and the tension on the paper surface is large during the printing process. This contradiction can be alleviated by appropriately reducing the viscosity of the ink. In addition, under the condition of ensuring normal printing, the smaller the printing pressure, the better

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