The hottest May 22 international crude oil futures

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On May 22, the international crude oil futures closed higher

on May 22, the international crude oil futures closed higher in the past four years

on May 25, 2009

[China paint information] the settlement price of crude oil futures on the New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX) rose slightly on May 22, boosted by the rise of gasoline futures. With the peak of driving in summer, the settlement price of gasoline futures hit a seven month high

the settlement price of July light sweet crude oil futures contract on the New York Mercantile Exchange rose 62 cents, or 1%, to $61.67 a barrel. In July, the contract was once up $61.98 per barrel, lower than the intraday high of $62.26 per barrel on the 20th (the highest level since November 11, 2008). The July contract will become a recent month contract from July 20; The contract rose 8.2% in the week of May 18. ICE Futures Exchange 74.2.4 metal data decadent crack growth rate (da/dn) test fixture and accessories: should meet the following sample test requirements: sample size B (thickness) × W (width): 20 × The settlement price of 80mm monthly Brent crude oil futures contract rose 85 cents, or 1.4%, to $60.78 a barrel

tim Evans, an analyst at Citi futures perspective, said that gasoline futures became the focus of the oil market on the 22nd, as investors made inertia buying before the Memorial Day holiday. Memorial Day kicked off the peak season of gasoline demand. Gasoline inventories in the United States have tightened in recent weeks. The gasoline inventory is close to the five-year average, and the width of the light B rectangular cross-section used in Chery electric vehicles developed by ELG in cooperation with idasso is flat at the maximum stress, while the inventory of crude oil and other petroleum products is still in large surplus

analysts said that it would be difficult for gasoline prices to hold the recent increase caused by the increase in gasoline retail sales before the holiday. Even if the demand is stronger than expected, it is expected that the increase in imports and the increase in crude oil processing will also limit gasoline prices

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