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Nuclear power valve special focus on nuclear industry seminar

on June, 2017, the coordinate Shanghai, focus on nuclear industry series seminar again ushered in the third issue: nuclear power valve special session, everyone around the export of nuclear power valves, the stabilization of domestic power supply voltage, common problems in engineering applications and other topics, conducted in-depth discussions. On June, 2017, the series of seminars on nuclear industry in Shanghai once again ushered in the third issue: the special session of nuclear power valves. Everyone had an in-depth discussion on the export of nuclear power valves, localization, common problems in engineering applications and other topics

who will share the theme of this valve?

Secretary General Wang Wei and director Zhou Quan of the 728 Institute introduced the latest progress of the nuclear equipment commission to you. Welcome to join such a big family and pool strength for the equipment of China's nuclear industry

in the face of thermal power valve enterprises beginning to enter the nuclear power market segment, I would like to thank Gu Yinxiang, director of the industry department of Shanghai Nuclear Power Office, for sharing his view: nuclear power valve enterprises can improve their service capabilities through "focusing on quality", "tracking the frontier", "paying attention to monitoring technology" and other aspects to tide over the low tide

I was just scolded by my boss and ignored him decisively and quickly Hum

Wang Fei, the business development director of Jinze nuclear innovation, is sharing the content related to the HAF certification process of nuclear valves

Wang Zhangtao, the assistant to the chairman of YadA pipeline, offered the "zero inventory" sharing. Yada summarized the management pain points from many customer services. The link interfaces at all stages of the project are the most error prone and the most time-consuming. If one-stop whole process control can be achieved Hey hey

the Fisher Valve brand under Emerson is now giving a speech, which mainly brings dry goods sharing for the design and identification of nuclear grade valves. The design of pressure bearing boundary is the most important. The pressure bearing capacity of nuclear grade valves directly determines whether the power station can operate safely and stably. For the first time, the staff learned the design and manufacturing points of a nuclear valve in detail from the design aspect

section chief Zhao Yue from CNPE explained the design differentiation and identification of hualong-1 and traditional stack valves. For example, the laser rangefinder uses laser as the main working material to work, and there are differences in seismic and post accident standard requirements. The pressurizer and serious accident relief valve have all paid a lot for identification tests. There are also domestic brands. It is not easy to identify, and we should cherish it

the first pile is not easy. For the the Belt and Road, everyone is also fighting

Mr. Shi Wenchao, the nuclear power manager of Bureau Veritas international inspection group, brought the thinking of nuclear power equipment going global and the significant reduction of sub processing energy consumption. This may be a course we must take in the future ~

next, we share LAN Lihui, a senior engineer of Shanghai Lianggong R & D department, a valve factory with a lot of experience. In the 1990s, the yield of this kind of valve was only 30%, and localization was not easy

on how the nuclear primary valve is refined, the design of the opening and closing force, size, pipe diameter, valve disc shape, all difficulties are linked, and various identification tests are also numerous. "From making civilian products to entering the nuclear power field, the strongest feeling is the significant changes in the quality assurance system"

Zhang Yanguo, chief of the East China branch of China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd., entered the sharing time, which is shared by a senior user of valves

"for the installation and commissioning personnel, if there is a problem with a valve, all valves of the same type on site need to be inspected, which consumes a lot of manpower and material resources"

I believe everyone has their own experience

the last link is the round table of nuclear products exchange. All the questions are collected from valve practitioners from all walks of life in the industry. The state of the experts is very relaxed. On the contrary, our listeners need to be more focused on keeping up with the pace. Haha ~

tea break communication is the best time of the seminar

of course, there is no need to go to the traditional part of the factory field visit

talk about the original intention

many people ask: your seminar is so small (), the owner general contractor doesn't charge money, what do you want

as our CEO xiaopang said in his speech: we hope to build a professional focused industry small circle gathering. The seminar is only a form. We hope that the supply and demand sides can have such an "thirst quenching" and "focus" industry gathering every year. Later, when new people come to the unit, they can quickly enter the professional state and establish a professional vision through the "focus" gathering; With new technologies and products, manufacturers can accurately and quickly let people in need know

"focus": the nuclear industry, the highway of "Taohuayuan"

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