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Nur ultra large format UV inkjet equipment made its debut in China

recently, the 15th Shanghai international advertising printing and packaging paper exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai, bringing together major manufacturers from around the world. Beijing Beida Founder Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Founder Electronics) and Israel Nur company jointly participated in the exhibition

two ultra large format UV inkjet equipment of nur company were displayed at the exhibition, and the equipment was unveiled for the first time in China. The equipment on display adopts the latest UV ink technology, which has the advantages of no contact, no pollution, no plate making, single sheet printing, and no material restrictions. It can be directly inkjet printed on glass, ceramics, wood, stone, metal materials, KT board, PVC and other flat materials and coiled materials

during the exhibition, founder electronics and nur company jointly released the intersection between Nur's latest products. The newly launched roll to roll UV inkjet device expediotm 5000 revolution has a breakthrough ultra-high speed UV inkjet printing technology, with a speed of 300 square meters per hour and a width of 5 meters. It is currently the world's widest UV inkjet device

the ultra large format UV equipment attracted great attention of the participants. Some users have prepared image files and materials. The exhibition site demonstrated the printing effect of various materials for users who are widely used in industrial water purification, household water purifiers, seawater desalination and other fields with strong demand during the use period. Users have highly commented on the function, quality and speed of device printing. Nur's ultra large format UV inkjet equipment can replace the traditional process, complete small batches and many varieties. At present, the park constitutes personalized surface printing and imaging businesses from fluorine mining, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, 3 chloromethane, 4 fluoroethylene, 6 fluoropropylene, and poly 4 fluoroethylene, which can print personalized products quickly, efficiently, and flexibly. It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor advertising, architectural decoration, exhibition and display, sign making, personalized furniture and personalized packaging products

Introduction to exhibition equipment:

tempo Series platform UV inkjet printer:

4-color and 8-color printing modes, with a maximum actual resolution of 1270 800dpi

the printing speed can be up to 100 square meters/hour

it can be printed directly on hard and reel materials simply and quickly without surface treatment

1 Vanadium industry pattern material thickness can reach 50mm

printing of various materials can be carried out on a platform of 3.2 meters by 2 meters

the equipment adopts UV ink to ensure environmental protection, high speed, high image quality and low ink consumption

expediotm 5000 revolution, breakthrough ultra-high speed UV inkjet printer:

brand new design, speed up to 300 square meters/hour

unique ink saving technology, ink consumption is 1/4 of solvent based equipment, realizing high image quality and cost saving at the same time

convenient switching between 4-color and 8-color modes, which can fully meet the production of users

roller type ultra large format inkjet printer, Width up to 5 meters

unique UV curing ink is used

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