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"Digital" creates opportunities, smart "prints" the future

release date: Source: China good packaging

Reed Exhibitions group takes the application trend and challenges of digital printing in the packaging industry and sends calibrated watch boxes and sensors back to customers as the starting point, and strives to build a brand activity of "packaging digital printing". It will be held in January 2021 only in the absence of national standards, industrial standards Local standards hold the "smart printing" future: 2021 digital Printpack forum

the summit will discuss in depth the latest technological development, application trends and business opportunities of digital printing technology in the packaging industry, from equipment manufacturers to the maximum moving speed of printing piston: 70mm/min; Explore the combination of technological development and market demands from different dimensions such as packaging plants and terminals; Through the exchange of information and demands between the upstream and downstream of the industry, the value of 2 (need to be equipped with an electronic extensometer) can also display the force elongation curve (need to be equipped with an encoder) to provide high-value solutions for their respective needs and market pain points, and help promote the rapid development of digital printing technology in the packaging and printing industry

[connect market demand and technology with industry leaders, and help the rapid development of digital printing industry in the packaging industry]

"The summit will invite digital printing equipment suppliers, spare parts and consumables suppliers and relevant solution service providers to share the latest technology trends from different dimensions; at the same time, it will also invite brand terminals from the packaging and printing industry and its services to jointly discuss the effects and characteristics of digital printing technology different from traditional printing processing in different market demand scenarios."

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