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NUT M6 portable projector supports 1080p HD home mini projector how to use evaluation

nut new best-selling projector recommendation: NUT M6 portable projector supports 1080p HD home mini projector intelligent WiFi office theater

no same screen and long-lasting battery life, as follows, share the user evaluation of this general NUT M6 portable projector, for the reference and comparison of friends in need

I. how about NUT M6 portable projector supporting 1080p HD household mini projector? Is it easy to use

try it for a month:

(1) the projection used in the past basically had to have WiFi on the same screen and connect to the power supply. It's troublesome to have no built-in battery and can only be used at home. It's actually a little embarrassing when you go outdoors, until you find this one, plug it directly into the projector, and then! Yes! Same! Screen! I really want to call C crazy. The service life of oil depends on the climate all! It's too suitable for people like me who love to run everywhere and don't need WiFi. I can show it to my friends at night. The portable model with 200ansi brightness is absolutely enough, and the texture and design are also very good. I like it very much

(2) the third set of nuts has a very good effect. It is light and simple. It is planned to bring it to Canadian daughters. My favorite way is to lie in bed and watch movies or TV dramas on the ceiling

feel after trying for a period of time: Please Click to view the detailed evaluation comments

II NUT M6 portable projector supports 1080p micro projector configuration parameters [

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launch screen size: 60 ~120

operating system: Android

number of colors supported: 16.77 million colors

whether it can be hoisted: Yes to know its installation location

Display Technology: DLP

best launch distance: 0 0m

body size (CM) : 19.4 * 10.2 * 2.82

trapezoidal correction range: ± 40 degrees

trapezoidal correction: vertical

bulb power: 50W

bulb life: 30000 hours

source content: iqiyi

manufacturer: Shenzhen huole Technology Development Co., Ltd.

zoom ratio: non scalable

applicable scenario: business office mobile portable outdoor pure wireless projection

brand: jmgo/nut

model: m6

Technology: DLP technology

zoom multiple: fixed Focus

brightness: TBD

resolution (DPI): 854x540

contrast: 1000:: 1

screen ratio: 1 in fact, after-sales is the most critical 6:9

time of market: spring and summer 2017

bulb type: LED bulb

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