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Siemens advanta has joined hands with Shenfu demonstration area to build a digital empowerment center and help build a digital Liaoning

Siemens advanta recently signed a long-term strategic cooperation with the Management Committee of Liaoning Shenfu reform and innovation demonstration area (Shenfu demonstration area) and Shenyang Shuangyi Technology Co., Ltd. to jointly build a digital Liaoning Siemens empowerment Center (empowerment Center). The center will fully integrate Siemens' digital concept and advanced technologies and solutions in the fields of industrial interconnection, intelligent manufacturing and medical treatment. The establishment of the enabling center will attract the upstream and downstream industrial chains to gather in the Shenfu demonstration zone. In the future, it will help Liaoning province build a digital Liaoning and smart manufacturing province by creating industrial demonstration projects and national demonstration projects into the production workshops of enterprises

Liaoning Province has unique advantages in industrial accumulation, talent reserve and software resources. As the leader in the development of digital economy and intelligent manufacturing in Liaoning Province, Shenfu demonstration zone is determined to innovate and continuously improve its competitiveness through open cooperation with leading enterprises at home and abroad. Zhuxiaoxun, executive vice president of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd. and general manager of Siemens advanta China, said that with its expertise and innovative experience in industrial interconnection and other fields, Siemens will work together with Shenfu demonstration zone to build a regional benchmark for digital transformation and help build a digital Liaoning

Dong Feng, director of Liaoning Shenfu reform and Innovation Demonstration Zone Management Committee, said: we focus on achieving high-quality development and are determined to control raw materials in our own hands, play a demonstration and leading role, and strive to build a Shenfu demonstration zone with strong innovation ability, high openness, good business environment and excellent ecological environment. Siemens' values and technological advantages are highly in line with our development direction. This cooperation will inject new momentum into the industrial transformation and upgrading of Shenfu demonstration area and even Liaoning Province

according to the agreement, the digital Liaoning Siemens empowerment center will rely on the project center, capability center, exhibition center and technology research and development center to build China's leading new economic industrial ecosystem with industrial enterprises as the core. The project center will mainly build an industrial interconnection enabling platform and a smart hospital equipment management system, strive to build a benchmark smart factory project within three years, and create industry demonstration projects and national demonstration projects; The competence center will rely on Siemens' talent advantages to improve the talent structure of Shenfu demonstration area; The exhibition center will build an international leading immersive digital theme exhibition and experience center, including virtual production line display, industrial Internet application display and smart hospital equipment management system display; Relying on Siemens' 21 R & D centers in China, more than 4600 R & D and engineering personnel, and the technical advantages of about 11000 valid patents and patent applications, the R & D center will build a world leading Artificial Intelligence Laboratory integrating industry, University and research

in the digital Liaoning Siemens empowerment center project, Siemens will provide software solutions, data acquisition hardware solutions, software maintenance and other related technical support, and participate in the formulation of operation strategies, market promotion, quality supervision, the formulation of technical solutions for landing projects and project operation management

in addition to the Shenfu demonstration area, Siemens also cooperates with Yantai, Jining, Wuhan, Yulin and other places to carry out the enabling center business based on software and services, enabling the development of local enterprises and helping the industrial upgrading, which will also provide an inexhaustible driving force for the extruder industry

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