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China's nuclear power technology is favored hualong-1 overseas landing

China's nuclear power technology is favored hualong-1 sea ROS is a key medium for regulating cell functions. At present, China's state-owned business environment overall evaluation ranks 31st among 190 economies

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"According to a number of cooperation documents signed by China and Pakistan recently, China will export five nuclear reactors to Pakistan. The reactor type is hualong-1 nuclear reactor, and the investment amount is about 15billion US dollars.

recently, around hualong-1, good news continues in China's nuclear power industry. First, the State Council held an executive meeting, and decided to approve the construction of hualong-1 third-generation nuclear power technology demonstration machine in the deployment and implementation of the key tasks of economic system reform in 2015 Group

then, CGNPC said that the British government had agreed that Chinese enterprises led by CGNPC would participate in the development and construction of new nuclear power projects in the UK, and Chinese enterprises had essentially entered the new nuclear power market in the UK, initially locking in a joint-stock project and a holding project. At present, all parties have reached a consensus on many core terms of the UK nuclear power project cooperation agreement. If it goes smoothly, it is expected to sign the agreement in the second half of this year and make a final investment decision

among them, Hinkley point C project (hereinafter referred to as HPC) with equity participation is expected to start in 2017; After passing the British General Technology Review (GDA), hualong-1 will be applied to the construction of the holding bradwellb project, which will truly realize the landing of China's independent advanced nuclear power technology in the overseas market, with the symbolic meaning of fe0.41

In addition to the requirement to control the dimensional tolerance of wire core (cable core)

as expected by the market, after the development idea of autonomous reactor type is clear, Hualong 1 is taking the initiative in the market at an ultra fast speed. Earlier this year, hualong-1 was successfully exported to Latin America and landed in Argentina. It is understood that according to the Sino Arab agreement, the two countries will cooperate in the construction of pressurized water reactor nuclear power plants. The signing of the agreement marks the successful export of China's independent third-generation nuclear power technology to Latin America, and also pushes the status of independent nuclear power to the market peak

hualong-1 technology is a combination of CNNC acp1000 and CGN acpr1000+. The birth of this technology is regarded as a milestone in China's nuclear power construction, operation and independent development path for more than 20 years

in the future, according to the medium and long-term development plan of nuclear power, China will approve the construction of Hualong 1 demonstration unit in coastal areas. It is reported that the significance of this move is to comply with the international energy development trend, optimize the energy structure, and build a diversified clean energy system including wind, light, water, nuclear, etc. It is conducive to consolidating and enhancing the international competitiveness of China's equipment manufacturing industry, driving effective investment, and promoting the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure and stable economic growth

it is understood that the relevant construction plan of hualong-1 is gradually being carried out. The first demonstration project of hualong-1, Fujian Fuqing nuclear power plant phase II project, has been approved. Experts pointed out that the project will start in early May

the bradwellb project in the UK will take units 3 and 4 of Fangchenggang nuclear power plant of CGN as the reference power station. After intensive preliminary preparation, the design documents, equipment procurement and supply, on-site construction preparation, project approval and license application of Fangchenggang nuclear power unit 3 and 4 of Hualong No. 1 demonstration project are progressing steadily as planned, making good progress, meeting the requirements of construction and subsequent continuous construction in 2015. It is expected to start in the second half of this year, This will lay a key foundation for the large-scale "going out" of equipment manufacturing and other industries driven by independent technology

in recent years, the British government plans to build eight new nuclear power plants by 2030. For some of the contract packages that have not been locked in the HPC nuclear power project in the UK, about 10 Chinese enterprises have entered the qualification examination process with the recommendation of the Chinese consortium, of which 4 have entered the bidding process. In the follow-up bradwellb and other British nuclear power projects, Chinese nuclear power suppliers will get a broader space to display

according to the latest news obtained by the author, according to a number of cooperation documents signed by China and Pakistan recently, China will export five nuclear reactors to Pakistan, the reactor type is hualong-1 nuclear reactor, and the investment amount is about US $15billion

due to the relatively backward infrastructure in South and Southeast Asian countries, there is a huge space for cooperation in power infrastructure. Among them, Pakistan has a serious power shortage, with a power gap of 5000 MW/h in summer, which not only affects the production power, but also makes it difficult to guarantee the residents' living power. In the 14 years from 2000 to 2013, the compound growth rate of Pakistan's national installed capacity was only 2.85%. These factors have created favorable conditions for China's nuclear power and power equipment industry to "go global"

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