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The year 2018 marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. After 40 years of rapid development, China's commercial vehicle industry has become the world's largest market. While the market volume continues to expand, product quality and technical standards have also entered a high-level development stage; A large number of new technologies and products have emerged one after another, and new ideas and models have promoted the industry to continue to develop towards specialization and high-end. Economy - China's commercial vehicles will show you a rich and colorful commercial vehicle industry in 2018 through the way of "counting"

number - 40

memory - the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up

in December 1978, the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China opened the development process of China's reform and opening up. When the time comes to 2018, we usher in the historical node of the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up

in these 40 years, China's commercial vehicle industry has experienced a period of opening, integration, improvement and acceleration. The industry has developed from small to large, and the development speed has gradually increased. The annual production and sales volume has remained the first in the world all year round, and has become the world's largest commercial vehicle market

in these 40 years, China's commercial vehicle enterprises have adhered to independent innovation, continuously improved their comprehensive strength based on R & D strength, and matched the world-class level in product R & D and manufacturing. Establish and improve the marketing system, introduce advanced marketing thinking, keep pace with the times, promote the transformation of marketing methods, and constantly show the new image of the industry

in these 40 years, the commercial vehicle industry has emancipated its mind, introduced foreign capital in a variety of flexible ways, and a number of joint ventures with excellent products, leading awareness and brilliant marketing have emerged. These joint ventures did not "attract wolves" as the outside world claimed earlier, but constantly learned advanced product R & D and manufacturing experience and enterprise management system, and cultivated a team of native talents familiar with the Chinese market

quantitative and qualitative changes are the concentrated reflection of the 40 years of reform and opening up of China's commercial vehicle industry. The reasons and driving forces for the change are bits and pieces written in the 40 years of development. They are the efforts of every practitioner in the whole industry, ordinary and not simple. Paying tribute to the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up is paying tribute to the 40 years of extraordinary and memorable history

figures - 50%

memory - lifting the restrictions on the proportion of foreign shares

on April 17, 2018, the official of the national development and Reform Commission announced that the automotive industry will implement the transitional opening-up by types, and the restrictions on the proportion of foreign shares in special purpose vehicles and new energy vehicles will be lifted in 2018; In 2020, the restrictions on the proportion of foreign shares in commercial vehicles will be abolished; In 2022, the restrictions on the proportion of foreign shares in passenger cars will be lifted, and the restrictions on joint ventures not exceeding two will be lifted. Through the five-year transition period, all restrictions on the automotive industry will be lifted

at present, domestic commercial vehicle enterprises such as Dongfeng, SAIC, Jiangling, Foton, GAC and Sichuan Nanjun have established joint ventures with foreign-funded enterprises such as Volvo, Iveco, Ford, Daimler, Hino, Hyundai and Cummins. The above-mentioned joint ventures have launched products after the joint venture in heavy and light commercial vehicles, engines and other aspects, and these products have corresponding market positions in the industry. At the same time, through years of development, joint ventures have introduced and digested significant technological achievements of foreign-funded enterprises, and have launched new products based on the introduction of the latest technology of foreign-funded enterprises, which are more suitable for the needs of the domestic market

it is not difficult to see from the current situation of the industry that Chinese commercial vehicle enterprises have occupied a dominant position in the market, and the impact of the opening-up policy on the commercial vehicle industry will be significantly less than that of the passenger vehicle market. The two-year transition period of liberalizing the share ratio and the five-year transition period of lifting the restrictions on the number of joint ventures will promote the market and enterprises to become more mature. When 2020 and 2022 come, the commercial vehicle market may enter a new stage with a relatively calm situation

number - 1million

memory - the sales volume of heavy trucks has exceeded 1million for two consecutive years

according to the production and sales data of China Association of automobile manufacturers, the sales volume of heavy trucks will exceed 1million again in 2018, which is the first time that the heavy truck industry has sold more than one million vehicles "for two consecutive years" after crossing the threshold of one million vehicles in 2008

the heavy truck industry is known as the "barometer of economic development", with sales of more than one million vehicles for two consecutive years. On the one hand, it shows that China's economic development is stable and good, on the other hand, it also shows that policy factors have a heavy impact on sales

in June 2017, the new version of gb1589 was implemented, which redefined the standards for the R & D, manufacturing, use and management of commercial vehicle products from the perspective of technical requirements, and even the direction of future industry development. With the implementation of the new version of gb1589 and the beginning of "9.28" overload control, the heavy truck market in 2017 has been booming since the second half of the year, and the monthly sales volume, both month on month and year-on-year, has shown a sharp rise

this trend has continued until 2018, and the production and sales volume of the whole industry has always maintained a high level. Especially before the deadline of illegal car transport on June 30, the renewal of such vehicles has also brought considerable increment to the market. Just when the whole industry believes that there is an approximate corresponding relationship between the hardness value and strength value of highway logistics, the market may grow sluggishly in the second half of the year, and the total sales volume may increase negatively, a large number of infrastructure construction projects have been approved and quickly started, directly boosting the sales of engineering dump trucks and concrete mixers, and boosting the annual sales volume of heavy trucks to exceed one million

figures - 1.5 million kilometers

memory - the subsidy for new energy vehicles with a range of less than 150 kilometers was cancelled

on June 12, 2018, the four ministries and commissions jointly issued the new policy on financial subsidies for new energy in 2018, encouraging the promotion of products with high energy density, which refers to concrete and long-term endurance capacity, canceling the subsidy for vehicles with a range of less than 150 kilometers, but also giving enterprises a certain buffer period

with the increase of the number of electric vehicles, their safety problems have also begun to be exposed. In 2018, fires of Weima and Lifan new energy products have been exposed, which is alarming. Industry insiders said that the bottom line of battery suppliers should be to do a good job of batteries and pursue absolute safety within the scope of battery use conditions

self owned brands have developed rapidly in recent years with the support of government subsidies and policies. Some enterprises choose to develop low mileage models in order to get subsidies, rather than focusing on the research of core technologies such as "three electric" and even "cheating compensation", which is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry. Raising the subsidy threshold will challenge some enterprises with weak foundation, and encourage enterprises with perfect technological reserves to further develop, so as to finally achieve the goal of survival of the fittest

since 2018, China's auto market has encountered certain challenges, and the negative growth of the whole year is almost certain, of which the production and sales of new energy have both exceeded one million, becoming an absolute bright spot. Thanks to the policy guidance, the market sales of new energy vehicles are gradually rising, but with the gradual "decline" of new energy subsidies, consumers' car purchase is also released in advance. 2018 is the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. After 40 years of rapid development, China's commercial vehicle industry has become the world's largest market. While the volume has developed, the development quality has also entered a high-level stage. A large number of new technologies and products have emerged one after another. New ideas and new models promote the industry to continue to develop towards specialization and high-end. Economy - China's economy will show a colorful 2018 through the way of "counting"

figures - six

memory - the release and implementation of the national six emission standard

the official implementation of the "national five" emission standard has just completed two years, and China will usher in the "most stringent" phase VI national motor vehicle air pollutant emission standard, namely the "national six" emission standard

nationwide, by July 1st, 2020, the national six (a) emission standard will be enforced for light vehicles; By July 1st, 2023, the national VI (b) emission standard will be enforced for light vehicles. In early July 2018, the three-year action plan for winning the blue sky defense war issued by the State Council also clearly stated that "from July 1, 2019, key regions, the Pearl River Delta and Chengdu Chongqing will implement the national six emission standards in advance". Based on this, many provinces and cities have opened the "national six era" in advance

in the face of the accelerated pace of emission upgrading, commercial vehicle enterprises implement enterprise social production, and enterprises are actively preparing for product upgrading. On the one hand, they develop and manufacture products corresponding to the "national six" standard through various ways, and prepare for product declaration and announcement at the same time. On the other hand, starting with after-sales service, we should strengthen the training of maintenance teams to meet the service follow-up after the "national six" products are launched

although strict emission control, energy conservation and environmental protection are the general trend, the implementation of such a strict new standard should proceed from the actual situation, respect the objective law, and gradually implement it, giving automobile enterprises, dealers, and even consumers enough buffer time

number - 7

memory - Jiefang J7 listed SAIC Hongyan goal "777" Great Wall Fengjun 7 pickup truck listed

in 2018, there are many memorable numbers "7" in the commercial vehicle industry. In terms of products, FAW Jiefang J7 heavy truck and Great Wall Fengjun 7 pickup truck made a heavy debut, while at the enterprise level, SAIC Hongyan set the goal of 2019 at "777"

j7 is a milestone work of FAW Jiefang positioning China's heavy truck to become world-class. After seven years of research and development, J7 has made major technological innovation in all aspects. With high performance, high intelligence, high comfort, high energy conservation, high safety, high reliability and high efficiency, J7 has become a domestic heavy truck model that matches the European benchmark, reaches the world-class level and has the best life cycle cost

according to the R & D personnel of Jiefang J7, Jiefang J7 has benchmarked European high-end heavy truck products since the beginning of the project. In the process of R & D and production, with the strength of independent innovation for more than 60 years, Jiefang J7 has successfully achieved a number of technological breakthroughs, and finally created the seventh generation products

what is more worth mentioning is that the Jiefang J7 is equipped with a large number of new intelligent technologies, which are characterized by high automation, high accuracy and high safety. It can automatically plan the driving track, automatically detect obstacles, automatically monitor the loading status and lighting system, automatically monitor the fuel volume and plan the track, and automatically drive to the refueling area for refueling, which can meet the needs of a variety of transportation operations

colleagues in the Fengjun 7 market often ask themselves to think in a different position

on November 22, 2018, the Great Wall new generation Internet pickup Fengjun 7 was listed. As a heavy-duty vehicle launched by the Great Wall Motor Group for the medium and high-end pickup market, Fengjun 7 is mainly for international multi-purpose pickup users. The official recommended retail price of Fengjun 7 diesel model on the market is 95800-117800 yuan

as the first model of the new strategy of Great Wall pickup truck and the 3-year "5+n" product layout, Fengjun 7 has achieved comprehensive leadership in shape design, power, safety, especially the application of intelligent connection technology. It is equipped with a new intelligent voice interaction system to create a new generation of Internet pickup truck

SAIC Hongyan became the "dark horse" of the industry with the first year-on-year growth rate of sales in the whole industry in 2017 and 2018. While basically achieving the "666" target in 2018, SAIC Hongyan set the target at "777", that is, "the sales volume reached 70000, the market share reached 7%, and it worked in seven key markets"

from "666" to "777", it is not a simple "+1". In 2019, SAIC Hongyan will continue to maintain the advantage of "king of engineering vehicles"

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