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"Digital Fujian" 12345 government call center is very useful

"there is construction noise in Aofeng section every night, why not solve it?" Not long ago, Lao Cai, a citizen, felt that the surrounding construction sites disturbed the residents. He couldn't help getting up from bed in the early morning, turning on his computer, and logging in to Fuzhou "12345" convenience call center to complain

at 9:20 a.m. the next day, Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of letters and calls transferred his complaint to the Bureau of letters and calls of Taijiang District, which was limited to one day for approval. 20 minutes later, through the approval and transmission of the petition Bureau of Taijiang District, Lao Cai's complaint soon reached Aofeng street, Taijiang District

at 5:00 p.m. that day, Aofeng sub district office apologized to Lao Cai: because Aofeng area is in the period of expansion and development, there are many surrounding construction sites, which have brought a lot of inconvenience to citizens' lives. Please forgive me. The office also made a clear commitment that in order to avoid disturbing residents at night, they would clamp the very round sample with a diameter of: Φ 13~ Φ 40mm; Hold a meeting of site management personnel quickly to restrict the civilized and scientific construction of the construction unit and return a good living environment for citizens

"with an explanation, I feel much more comfortable." The reply of the office satisfied Lao Cai, and the unknown fire in his heart also decreased a lot, "I didn't expect the response to be so rapid! It seems that 'this is an important feature 12345' is really useful."

many citizens have the same feelings as Lao Cai. A friend "adabce" said through Baidu for help that the sewer pipe in the community was broken and had not been managed for a long time. He did not know what department to complain about. Soon, other friends gave him advice: logging in to "12345" to complain is more useful than looking for the mayor

"'12345 'will form an efficient virtual joint team of more than 1000 government functional departments and public utility service units in the city. All citizens' appeals can be found at the first time and get a clear reply within the specified time. If the unit fails to reply within the time limit, the system will automatically send an alarm, and the two-level Efficiency Office will intervene at the first time." "12345" said the person in charge of the call center

"12345" is a vivid embodiment of the convenience and benefit functions of "Digital Fujian", such as fiber orientation, axial and tangential feed speeds, cutting speeds, etc. Statistics show that Fuzhou convenience call center 12345 system has been running for six years, and the number of people who choose to express their voices through this channel is increasing. In the fourth quarter of 2011 alone, the "12345" special line accepted 52289 valid appeals, an increase of 17.9% over the same period last year, avoiding 8% of potential safety hazards. 51747 cases were handled, and the timely completion rate was 99.80%, an increase of 0.07 percentage points over the same period last year, all reaching a record high. Southeast Fujian

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